Plug and Spin It

Control USB motors using Python

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World Easiest Way to Control Hardwares

Plug USB cable then DynamiKontrol(DK) spins.

  • 2° angle accuracy
  • Python API
  • Block-based programming

Just add 3 lines of code in your program then DK Angle rotates 45 degree in clockwise.

Control Self-Driving Cars

Fully compatible with every machine learning frameworks.

  • Support all devices such as PC, Raspberry Pi and much more
  • Combine many moduels
  • USB interface

Just add 3 lines of code in your program then DK Speed spins in 1000 RPM.


Open Source Python API

DK Python API is opened for everyone in GitHub and anyone can use it free for commercial purpose. Also JavaSript API will be released soon.


High Compatibility

100% compatible with all deep learning frameworks through Python API such as TensorFlow, PyTorch and OpenCV and so on.


Block Coding

If you are not familiar to programming language, visit block-based programming platform and control motors much easier.

DynamiKontrol Case Studies

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  • All
  • A.I.
  • IoT
  • Angle

Face Tracking Camera

Camera follows your face using face tracking algorithm

AI Parking Gate

Detect vehicles and licence plate and open/close barrier gate

IoT Smart Door Lock

Open and close doors using mobile application

Lunch Roulette

Don't worry about today's lunch menu

Dial GUI

Programmable dial interface

IoT Analog Thermometer

Indicates temperature using weather API



DK Angle

99 USD

  • 1 DK Angle Module
  • Open Source Python API
  • Free API Update
  • Community Support
  • Commercial Use

DK Speed

174 USD

  • 1 DK Speed Module
  • Open Source Python API
  • Free API Update
  • Community Support
  • Commercial Use

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Prototype Development

Are you having trouble combining hardware and software technologies? We will help you quickly check the customer's response by developing a prototype at a fast and low price using DynamiKontrol.

Product Enhancement

If you received positive responses from customers by making a prototype, it's time to introduce the finished product. We will help you get rid of the unnecessary functionality of the prototype and upgrade the necessary functionality to create a better product.

AI Technology Consulting

Do you have any plans to make a product with artificial intelligence technology? DynamiKontrol team will kindly tell you what technology to use and how to develop it.



AI-Powered Creative Solutions


Brad Lee

Chief Executive Officer

I love anything creative.
Responsible for commercialization and marketing of DynamiKontrol.


Mark Choi

Chief Technology Officer

I'm good with my hands and smart, so I make products quickly.
Responsible for all operation and hardware development of the project.


Kay Lee

Director of Research and Development

As a master of software algorithms, when his hands touch something, it turns to magical things. Responsible for leading research and development of DynamiKontrol software.



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